• Assisted Execution with
    iProof Platform
    Build Smart Process Apps on demand
    ADAPT to your specific business needs
    ALIGN your operations with Processes and Policies
    ASSIST your people to perform better
  • Flexibility unleashed
    Smart process Apps For
  • The iPROOF Platform
    Flexible Process Apps on Demand!
    Policies and Rules
    Smart User Interface
    Document Management
    Alerts and notification

Build your systems your way! DON’T let the system drive the business,
Let the business drive the system!

Financial Services

Extensive solution for KYC compliance, End to end Loan Management for Micro Lending, Loan Origination (Retail, Corporate, Personal, Payroll Backed, Mortgage&Home Loans etc), Funds Transfer and other customer facing apps

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A Web Based Integrated, Adaptive Educational ERP customized to meet specific needs of each Educational Institution. Implemented at IIT Madras. Manage the complete life cycle of – Academics, Stores and Purchase, Finance, HR, Admin Estate, Maintenance, Exam cell, ...

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Platform Based Solution Framework for Manufacturing Excellence - End to end New Product Development Life Cycle Management, Supplier Quality Management with Integrated, Product Development, Integrated Quality Management, Compliance with Regulatory, Customer Specific needs and Quality Standards

Back office

Solution suite focused on Operational Excellence for Back office operations to Improve Efficiency of Operations (customer service, Accounting and so on), Reduce cost of Transaction Processing - Reduce paper Usage, Better Human Resource Management and Improve Visibility and Control over operations

The iPROOF Platform
Continual Improvements Cannot get easier! Build Smart, Flexible Process Apps on Demand!

SRA Advantage

Typical Challenges

  •   Our requirements are unique
  •   The core packaged systems (ERP, CBS) do not address all our needs
  •   We are forced to use spreadsheets that result in many problems
  •   We are forced to change our practice to use the IT system
  •   Our Business needs change frequently; The IT platform does not adapt easily

Need of the hour

  •   Exactly meets your need – however unique it may be
  •   Does NOT expects you to modify the best practices that you currently follow
  •   Is so flexible that changes can be made at any point in time even after going live
  •   Structures your operations and aligns people with goals and policies
  •   Lets you have any viewpoint of your choice to take data based decisions

Our solution for you!

iPROOF Platform based Smart Process Apps – Intelligent, simple very flexible apps that “ADAPT” to your specific business needs, “ALIGN” your operations with processes and “ASSIST” your people to perform better

Key aspects of our Smart Process Apps

  • Process

    Driven by very Flexible Processes – Systemized operations orchestrated by processes that can adapt to changing needs of business

  • Policies and Rules

    Manage by setting context. Business rules drive operations in alignment with operational policies

  • Smart User Interface

    Present the Right user interface, configured to meet the specific needs to the Right Person. The User Interface can be changed at any point in time

  • Document Management

    Archive, Index, Retrieve and Manage Documents

  • Collaboration

    A Human centric system that enables collaboration between different people in the context of processes

  • Integration

    Integrate with existing systems in the context of processes

  • Dashboards, MIS Reports and Analysis

    Actionable, Single Version of the Truth Delivered - Measure, Monitor, Manage & Maximize

  • Case Management

    Holistic management of cases with a built in support for dynamic processes, structured and unstructured contents, ad-hoc interactions between people

  • Toolset enabling assisted Execution

    Scorecards, Event Calendars etc

  • Alerts and notification

    Continual Monitoring of key events and Proactive notification to key stakeholders

One of the biggest advantages we bring to the table is the perfect blend of in-house product development capability clubbed with a delivery expertise acquired over a decade of experience implementing projects of various sizes and complexities across the globe