Financial Services

We offer a range of “smart process-centric apps” focusing on areas that are very dynamic in nature like
Loan Management (Including KYC Compliance)

A comprehensive solution suite that automates and manages all aspects of Loan Management from Loan origination to Settlement. The operations are completely systemized and automated in alignment with Processes, Policies and Procedures. Compliance with KYC norms is also built into the solution suite. Data and documents to be captured and processed can be configured to meet specific needs of each organization

Customer-Satisfaction Management

A solution suite that transforms each customer facing officer (loan clerk etc) into a strategic sales person by presenting the right information at the right time in the right form about each customer to enable focused, upselling and cross selling of portfolio of products. A system that manages all customer facing processes (like request solicitation, complaints handling etc) with a primary objective of drastically improve customer satisfaction

Key Artifact Management

Each organization generates a host of critical artifacts (documents) from various channels - from a Core Banking System, originate from a paper, a set of key correspondence via email between stakeholders and so on. Managing all these in an uniform manner providing role based access to people, enabling a collaborative workspace to “process” these artifacts

Compliance Management

A validation engine that adds an intelligence layer to existing core banking system to enable easy compliance with regulatory norms with complete audit trail.

Collateral Management

Total Collateral Management by valuing and periodic updations of different types of securities. Automatically link with external agencies as applicable.

Non-core Operations Management

Process enable and streamline critical functions like HR Management, Expense Management and so on to reduce cost of operations and improve overall operational efficiency

Smart Process Apps for Microfinance/Micro Lending Instituions

Our solution for Microfinance/Micro lending institutions transforms the execution capabilities by optimizing the following three key value disciplines:

  • Product Innovation: Maximize revenue from portfolio of Loan Products, and constantly innovate and launch new products to differentiate
  • Customer Intimacy: Manage each and every interaction with any customer effectively with a focus on customer experience
  • Operational Excellence: Reduce Operational costs by systemizing both core (Loan Management) and non-core operations (Expense Management, HR etc)

Our Loan Management suite for zero-defect loans contains the following modules

  • Employer Management

    Manage various aspects of employers and their employees

  • Contract Management

    A powerful tool to manage contracts with complete audit trail

  • Product Management

    Flexible management of portfolio of Loan Products

  • Loan Issue and KYC Compliance

    Automated, zero defect Loan Origination, including compliance with KYC norms

  • Collection

    Various modes of receipting

  • Customer Score Card

    A powerful tool to define and view scores of customers

  • Refund

    Refunds life cycle – from initiation to transaction closure

  • Settlement

    All aspects of Loan settlement

  • Lean CRM

    Single view of customer with capabilities to track and monitor all interactions

  • Actions and Communication

    Event based escalations/notifications

  • MIS Reporting

    Host of dashboards and reports for decision making

  • Admin Module

    Configure and Manage various aspects of the Smart app