Modules and Key Features

Business & Operational Benefits


Measure, Monitor, Manage and Maximize results

  • Effective decision making driven by consolidated drilling of data from multiple dimensions across multiple Institutions in the group
  • Ready, online, completely integrated, up-to-date access to all key parameters (Financial and Non Financial) across all functions of the Educational Institutions
  • Centralized audited accounting and book keeping

Streamline and Optimize Operations

  • Integrated, role based online MIS for the complete Educational Institution
  • Define, Model, Operationalize, Systematize best practices based processes
  • Constantly monitor and track deviations for all compliance requirements
  • Gain complete visibility of day-to-day operations - One click reports giving detailed current and statistical data

Control costs

  • Continually monitor financial health of the Institution and initiate corrective action wherever required
  • Reports on unrealized receipt of payments as well as timely alerts and follow through actions on delayed receipts
  • Budgetary control on planned and unplanned expenses can be easily established, which will help to control cost escalation
  • Cash Flow projections will help to plan working capital requirements as well as the cost of such funds

Easily comply with Accreditation mandates, Government regulations and ISO standards

  • Zero clerical work involved in preparing for audits – Meet all Compliance needs from Audit Agencies, Government bodies and Accreditation agencies smoothly

Core Academics

Streamline the Core Academic Operations

  •   Complete Student Case Management – Accurate, Up-to-date records on academic performance, attendance and all other student related data
  •   Course based Class Time table preparation (online feature automatically identifies conflict)
  •   Exam management logistics – Time table, Seat allocation, Supervisor (internal and external) allocation, etc.
  •   Data driven student's performance chart to improve quality of learning
  •   A rich collaborative platform to establish a clear channel of communication among students, parents and faculty

Learning Management

  •   Online upload of lectures, notes, references and manuals
  •   Online quiz/internal tests and any other modes of assessment
  •   Facility for integration and addition of contents from open source courseware – to supplement qualified, and experienced faculty for all subjects. A Platform to optionally connect qualified students with Experts from Industry giving an overall holistic learning experience

Support Functions

  • Control costs by Optimizing support staff team size and improving productivity as a result of Streamlined operations
  • Improve employee and student satisfaction as a result of Improved Service levels to all core functions
  • More focus on creative and value-adding activities, since routine and mundane operations will be effectively automated
  • Minimize human errors due to data issues and paper based approvals, since all processes and business rules will be faultlessly and meticulously implemented through automated workflow

Other Benefits

  •   Address the needs of all stakeholders
  •   Enable users across different departments and the student community within an nstitution to collaborate effectively, interchanging information through a web-based secured system.
  •   Build an effective Knowledge repository
  •   A completely Integrated system - Use standard application packages wherever possible Educational

Adaptive Solution

  •   An Adaptive Solution – System Adapts to specific need of each Institute
    Modules like Student Registration, Course Registration can be different for each institute
  •   Solution Adapts to the specific needs of each organization
  •   Aligned Platform to enable Operational Excellence
Rich Experience gained by implementing a Workflow Based ERP system at IIT Madras

  • The Processes, Procedures and Policies of a Central Government run institute is built into the platform
  • Central Government specific Business rules are readily usable
  • The inherent complexities of a multi-level approval system as prescribed by the central government is well understood
  • The system can also adapt to changes in Central Government regulations
  • Compliance with Regulatory or Statutory mandates can be done without any additional effort