Modules and Key Features

Many organizations in the manufacturing industry exhibit extremely high degrees of process-orientation. There is also a clear increase in the overall maturity with respect to organization wide policies, procedures and metrics due to compelling demands for improved quality from customers the world-over.

However, organizations seldom enjoy the advantages of process centricity. They are perennially in a fire-fighting mode, grappling with day-to-day operational issues. We strongly believe that organizations are forced into such a situation because of a huge gap that exists between policies, and processes defined in the quality portal and the day to day operations.

Our solution offering for the manufacturing industry is focused precisely on this issue. The goal is “enabling our customers towards achieving performance excellence”, by providing a suite of solutions which will integrate people with their systems (ERP, CAD etc) in the context of processes.

Our Offerings for Manufacturing Industry

A structured collaborative methodology to respond to customer returns or issues with minimal cycle time is one of the critical aspects of enhancing customer experience.

Our problem management solution incorporates all important aspects of G8D including - symptom identification, team identification, problem definition and quantification, Containment action, Root cause analysis, Corrective action, Prevent recurrence and problem closure.

The following are some key Capabilities built into the system:
  • Built in Review mechanism – Configurable as desired
  • Built-in Gating mechanism - Ratification of all 8D members
  • Powerful mechanisms to enable Collaboration between team members
  • Ability to Search repository
  • Action Management – Action plan preparation, Tracking and control
  • Complete Audit trail
  • Powerful alerting and Monitoring
  • Automatically build knowledge repository with configurable approval mechanism
Problems cannot be resolved in isolation - Link G8D with product development
  • Ex: Link controls defined in control plan with Escape root cause
  • This may lead to change in work instructions
  • Potential to link defects with failure modes
Industry standard best practices built into various steps of G8D
  • Is/IsNOT analysis for problem description
  • 5W2H methodology to identify root cause
  • Fishbone analysis for root cause analysis
  • Fault tree to capture critical dependencies
The power of Evolve-As-You-Go Model
  • Role based dashboards
  • Portal infrastructure
  • Built in flexible 8D workflows
  • Performance analysis
  • Inbox – Role based task list
  • Integration with ERP
  • Store and manage supporting documents
A range of built in dashboards, statutory reports and OLAP views
  • Intelligent search (Analytics)
  • Detail 8D report
  • Performance Analysis
    • Volume Analysis
    • Velocity Analysis
    • Team performance
  • Track Problem Status
  • Defect age analysis
  • Integration with ERP
  • Defect distribution and analysis by
    • Category
    • Type
    • Severity/Criticality
    • Life cycle of a part
    • Part
    • Customer
  • Defect Analysis by root cause
  • Defect Analysis by escape root cause
  • Status tracking
  • Defect Repetitiveness analysis